Five Things To Consider Before Choosing A Shared Office Space

Renting out a shared office space literally is a good idea especially if you have just founded and established your small business, or you just opened up a freelance job, or startup, and maybe you got laid off and wants to start on your own, you are now your own boss and the least concern in your mind is leasing an office.

We all know that having to work for others up to now just do not give us the impression of having our own office and oftentimes we are overwhelmed by tons of classified ads about shared office spaces available in your area. It sounds a tough task to be done but here are some things you should consider before you decide to rent that shared office space to help you save not just money but time and effort as well.

  • Parking space- If I were you, it would be better if the parking space is for free for the tenants. You are already renting an office space which already costs you money and it would be disheartening that you have to pay for the parking space. Always choose a shared office space that offers a free parking area for its clients like you, unless if the shared office space‚Äôs location is a walking distance from where you are staying.
  • Location- This aspect is very crucial because if you are running an SME or startup and your client wants to meet with you but your shared office space is located in the outskirts of the city, chances are, they would look for another SME or startup because of the hassle getting there, and if the other way around, you are forced to leave your office space to meet someone who is far from you. Choose a shared office space that is strategically or conveniently situated in a business district of your city which have the accessibility to highways, transportations and establishments for your convenience.


  • Cost- Make sure that before you sign the renting contract of your chosen shared office space, you should check if there are hidden costs that may affect or hurt your budget. You should be knowledgeable about the costs of paying your shared office space monthly and when is the recurring due date. If there are extra cost, feel obligated to ask questions from the owners of the shared office space to enlighten yourself.
  • Appearance- First impression lasts, and this is also very applicable to what your shared office space appears to the eyes of your clients. Considering that you meet your clients, and business partners in your shared office space, make sure that it is well lighted, well furnished, airconditioned and have a good furniture to sit with. Bottomline is, the place should look nice and comfortable.
  • Duration- Since you are temporarily using the shared office space, you should determine how long or how short a lease you can avail. This depends about your negotiated term with the owner of the shared office space. Short-term leases are ideal compared to long-term lease because you have an option whether or not to renew your contract or move to another shared office space if your term is up.

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