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Who is Vignesh? He stands for so many things for different people. He is an investor to some and an entrepreneur to some other people. Some simply knows him as a code. But whichever of these identities you credit him with, he perfectly fits the bill.  He had been an entrepreneur and investor since he was a teenager and has made a mark in the world of blockchain technology more than what any other individual in the blockchain industry can boast of.  Virtually all his investments efforts have proved to be profitable and he is still venturing into more investments. Partnering with Vignesh Sundaresan for business or any other purpose will prove to be a profitable decision.

In this write-up, you will learn a lot about this enigma called Vignesh.

Why is he outstanding?

Vignesh, as mentioned earlier, has been an investor and entrepreneur from a very young age. He has already built a unique identity for himself over the years.  Every investor or entrepreneur of today needs to learn a lot from this individual if that investor wants to make an impact in his or her preferred industry. Vignesh Sundaresan believes that an investor should not put his money on a project with the expectation of an instant boom, but rather invest because he is in love with the particular project or idea.  This way, good service delivery and desire to serve, and not profit, will be at the mind of the investor. It is a well-known fact that a consistency in customer service delivery will undoubtedly bring profit very fast.

blockchain & cryptocurrency

Vignesh was among the first set of individuals to invest in Ethereum and his investment decision has boosted a great deal today. It is also noteworthy that Ethereum had very little or no value as at the time Vignesh invested in it. But now, that cryptocurrency has become second to only bitcoin in the crypto world.  In fact, Vignesh was right there in the same room with the co-founder of Ethereum when he started investing in this cryptocurrency.  One other outstanding investment decision by Vignesh was Decentraland, a company that remains one of the best things in the world of investment thanks to its irrevocable, uncensorable ownership.

Tezos is one other investment efforts made by Vignesh. The company was developed based on one of the most robost models ever and it is used for generating PoS tokens.  The entrepreneurial streak of this outstanding individual makes him to really stand out.  He is a coder, and ventured into App development using his knowledge. When he was still a university student in Canada, he started a micro startup, which he later sold about a year later.  His success and achievement in the blockchain in industry is worthy of note indeed.


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