All You Need To Know About Landlord Energy Performance Certificate

EPC falls under the standard assessment procedure and it is applicable to all buildings especially the commercial ones. Before you can sell or rent your property in parts or full to the potential buyers or tenant, you need to get Energy Performance Certificate. It has been made mandatory by law and there could be severe consequences if you opt to ignore it. The following contains all the details about Landlord EPC.

Do You Really Need An EPC?

By 1st October 2008, it has been made mandatory by law for all the landlords to produce the Energy Performance Certificate to all new and prospective tenants. However, the cost of producing the Energy Performance Certificate to the prospective tenants should be solely taken by the landlord. It must be shown to the potential tenant as early as the viewing.

The Consequence – According to the Section 21 passed in October 2015, if the landlord fails to produce a valid EPC to the tenant during the viewing or before signing of the contract, the landlord will lose the power to serve the tenant with a valid Section 21 notice. A Section 21 notice is served to legally terminate the tenancy and therefore, it is needless to say that a valid EPC is a must for the landlords.

Penalty – In fact, from April 2018, the landlords need to achieve a minimum rating of E for their rental property. Even if they do not get an E rating, they can always take the measures and recommendations mentioned on the Landlord EPC and reevaluate to get at least an E rating. In case they fail to meet the minimum efficiency grade, there could be monetary penalties.

One EPC For All – The landlord does not have to opt for different EPCs for different rooms rented or for different tenants. The EPC is produced for the entire building and not for per tenant or per landlord. However, if the tenant sublets a dwelling, it is his responsibility to produce the EPC to the subtenants.

What You Need To Do?

You can get an EPC from an accredited energy surveyor. But before you can get one, you should see an energy consultant and evaluate your building energy consumption and rating privately so that when the official evaluation is done, you get the required grade in flying colors. For everything, you want to know and do regarding EPC on your property, consult with EPCChoice.


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