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Business and financing is one of the factors where the person will learn to check back on his work and then keep an account to every single detail that is happening during the days of his life. To develop this particular character of keeping a check and reviewing back and then keeping an account on it, there are two major ways of executing it. One of them being appointing a personal assistant to do it for you and second is doing it all by yourself. Here are the pros and cons of both the options that are available with respect to this:

  1. Appointing a personal secretary:

The advantages of choosing this option is that of you are that kind of a person who is very busy to chart out the things that you have done but you still can remember the thing in your head and save time, then you appoint a personal secretary to take care of the on goings during the day. You will just have to inform your personal assistant and they will do it for you. You can happily keep a record of the days without you having to struggle too much. This kind of method should be adopted by only those who are too busy with their lives and do not have the time to do it.

  1. Doing the record work all by yourself:
    The one main advantage of this method is that however busy you are, you will learn and develop the character of accountability for your day all by yourself and you will learn it the hardest way and this way of learning it is the best way as you will know where your flaws are and how you are going to rectify those particular flaws in yourself.


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