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A Closer Look At BINEX Cybercrime Case

People are clamoring for answers about ilan tzorya as well as their people regarding the illegal takeover of companies, the blackmail done by Tzorya, and the criminal gang of Musli from Israel.

Those from Krypton Capital recently started their “scam hunter” website, through which it found out about BINEX, a cybercrime case, and the enforcement action conducted in Kiev by the Ukranian cyberpolice. Research regarding the background of this cybercrime case and its possible connection with the so-called Sofia Romania network is currently in the works as well.

Reports about ilan tzorya and his friend currently having certain security issues also surfaced.

More Insider Information

Insider information received from ilan tzorya’s office located in Ukraine and Sofia that Tzorya hired a couple of armed bodyguards for his security. Such information proves to be authentic as there are pictures which showed six security personnel armed with guns.

Deep Dive On BINEX

  • BINEX Defined

BINEX, an illegal trading website (, was recently shut down similar to Onecoin. The network within the scam group from Sofia is currently having some lethal issues. At the moment, activities of the illegal trading site are under investigation by various police authorities from different parts of the world.

ilan tzorya

  • Primary Feature & Clients

The illegal trading platform utilized Milena Kabadzhova for its corresponding payment system and worked with the Tradologic software.

BINEX mainly focused on its clients located in Ukraine and in Russia where various offices are operating.

Based on available documents, BINEX’s main center of operation is in Moscow. However, it also has a Kiev office which functioned to accommodate customers in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Cyberpolice’s Raid 

One of BINEX’s offices located in Kiev was raided by Ukrainian cyberpolice back in August 2018. From that incident, around 60 employees acquired more than 15,000 clients located in Russia, Ukraine, as well as in other countries through their various BINEX platforms.

Ukrainian cyberpolice, along with police authorities from different countries, is trying to search for the perpetrators behind the illegal trading site. Based on available information, BINEX is merely a part of a bigger cybercrime network within the scam group based in Romania Sofia, as well as cronies Michael Golod and Eli Musli.

It is essential to understand what cybercrime is, given the elaborate discussion on BINEX. It is usually considered as an umbrella term for a wide range of crimes that either happens over the internet or via technological means.

These days, cybercrime is one of the increasingly growing illegal activities happening in various countries that may affect not only individuals but also businesses.

While it may affect people through various ways, the usual initial reaction that victims feel is a combination of worried and afraid. Because of this, cybercrimes are generally treated as real crimes and are prosecuted accordingly as such.


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