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Administrative Servant of the Board

In last few years there is an increase in the role of the company secretary services has increased drastically. It is a role where the person is a part of the line management nor a board member itself. The corporate secretary service is called as an administrative servant of the board to show the boarder role of the board advisors.


The major corporate secretary service duties are governance framework, efficient administration and ensuring with statutory and regulatory requirements and decisions implementations of the company.

Other duties are as follows

  • Duties of advisor to the company directors
  • Dealing and observing all the legal matters like handling share transactions like shares issuing and dividend payments.
  • Board governance issues, dealing or lesioning with the lawyers,auditors, bankers and tax advisors
  • Taking minutes of the meetings and members meetings
  • Looking after the requirements from the regulatory authorities and compliance obligations under the relevant laws.

Qualities of the corporate secretary:

The effective and typical corporate secretary should have attributes like solving skills of the analytical and typical problems,managing and organizing skill the stipulated time frame, Total information technology familiarity, to understand all aspects in the legal systems and to know all the rules and regulation of the legal system which will affect the business    day in day out. One should have good interpersonal skills good interaction skills and good command the local language as it requires to deal with the local clients.

Corporate secretaries and their competencies:

The competencies which include a thorough research and understanding the entire company business, should have good knowledge over securities law and corporate laws which the prime aspect in the company, should have very good communication skills and good presence of mind, should be always sensitivity and towards CEO and directors with intuition thoughts and feelings. One should have ability to read the signal and provide early warning to the executives and managements. Should have good command to mediate and assist in Cones us achieving, should understand and overcome the bureaucratic thinking and implementation in the company. Should be always flexible and creative and details oriented and should have sense of the balance should be there in the pressurized situations.

Summing up:

They are considered to be the administrative servants to the company loyal and governed servants to the company. They are the main people who have major role in main aspects. They are the people who keep the company in a stream line and moving on, major aspects and important roles are headed by the corporate secretaries and some times give timely decision to the company which can make the company work under rules and regulations of the law.  Should always have good knowledge over the stock markets and financial aspects also .


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