Everything To Know About HAND Enterprise Solutions

HAND enterprises is a digital transformation firm that provides SaaS(Software as a service) and Cloud-based services. This has 25+ years of excellence in completing over 20,000 SAP and Oracle-based projects. Its domain has spread to 89 countries, and it has 6000 clients working with it presently. This company also provides consulting, technical support, and implementation along with enterprise software.

Some of Its USPS are as follows

  • Provides cost-effective solution
  • It has 24 hours everyday customer support
  • Follows the best practices of the industry
  • Both service and delivery are professionally curated.

Now, let’s talk about the IT solutions it offers for the digital upgrade of a company.

enterprise software

Helios App

Companies can use this app to regulate their financial aspects for better results. This is an expense claims app that uses enterprise software in the backend. This app is primarily used for invoicing and reimbursement. It also uses management and a tracking system to track business expenses.

Enterprise Resource Planning Consulting

This company provides SAP, Oracle ERP implementation for its clients. They have a history of working on SAP for 20 years with more than 5000 ERP and 2000 companies. Their clients belong to various industries of chemistry, automobile, etc. They have also been offered various certificates for their excellent service. HAND is also credited as the first Oracle-managed partner in China. They have around 2000 technical experts and functional consultants working for them all over the world. Clients can also use the PaaS solution to increase the speed of their software development at a lower cost.


This is a business management suite that contains 7 integrated modules. It looks after all the key business processes under a unified system. Clients can implement this for better customer relationship management, better customer support, and the best compliance standards. It can also integrate with third-party software and is easy to customize.

Smart Factory

MES Software is a solution provided by HAND for small and medium-sized factories. With the help of this, the clients can transform their factories from traditional to digital. Their cloud-based system can help the companies optimize their production and execution to get digitally smart. A smart factory will ultimately have more production at minimal costs. It will also reduce the quantity of produced waste every single day.

Hence, if you are looking to transform your company digitally, then HAND is your one-stop solution to it.


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