The Advantages of Owning a Credit Card

With good reason, personal finance gurus put a lot of effort into discouraging people from using Easy credit cards for bad credit. Many of us misuse our credit cards carelessly and accumulate debt. Contrary to common belief, you are actually far better off paying with a credit card than with a debit card and limiting your cash purchases if you can utilize the plastic properly. Let’s look at some credit card uses and techniques, as well as why your dependable credit card wins.

Special Bonuses

Nothing compares to the initial bonus chance when applying for a new credit card. Credit cards that provide bonuses worth $150 or more in exchange for spending a particular amount in the first few months after the account is open are frequently accepted for by applicants with good credit or excellent credit.

Owning a Credit Card

Money Back

Discover was the company that first made the cash-back credit card widely available in the United States. The concept was straightforward: use the card to get 1% of your expenses reimbursed as cash back.

Bonus Points

Credit cards are designed so that cardholders can accumulate one or more points for every dollar spent. For certain areas of spending, such as dining out, shopping, or gas, many reward credit cards offer bonus points.

Miles for frequent flyers.

This benefit came before practically all the others. Early in the 1980s, American Airlines partnered with the world’s largest provider of credit cards, Citibank, to offer its customers a new way to accrue frequent flyer miles even when they weren’t flying.


It is simpler to prevent fraud losses when using a credit card to pay. Money immediately disappears from your account when a criminal uses your debit card. Legitimate expenses that you have scheduled online payments for or paid for with postal checks may bounce, resulting in fines for insufficient funds and a negative impact on your credit.

Keeping suppliers truthful

Time of Grace

Your money is immediately spent when you make a purchase with a debit card. Your money stays in your checking account after you make a transaction using a credit card until you settle the balance. It Saving your money for this additional period can be advantageous in two ways. First off, even a minute time value of money will result in a savings for you.


The majority of credit cards come with a number of consumer protections that most consumers are unaware of, including automatic trip insurance, rental car insurance, and product warranties that may be longer than the manufacturer’s warranty.


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