The Kist Display: With Professional & Quality Of Craftsmanship

Custom-made furniture was designed with over 12 years in existence. It’s family-owned and operated by highly skilled workers or artisans ready to build your vision. They have been a supplier of customised-display such as designing, crafting, and constructing on the dream innovation of Australian retailers and brands.

Today, the display plinths and wood furniture were directed by leading Australian brands such as Holden, Tennis Australia, Sotherby’s Smith & Singer, MECCA, and Kookai. They have the best standard materials to use. Including the pieces of furniture quality with an absolute design of attractiveness. Therefore, the company is open to talking through your idea by browsing their website at and helping you with what you were looking for with your plan designs.

What services do they provide?

The company has created to serve you quality displays to work with your events, public exhibits, or any art exhibition. The services they provide can connect you here at  and develop your dream plan. However, here are some services such as :

  • Pedestals and Plinths

In these services, they can deliver you a standard and customised plinth and pedestal base. To serve you custom-made plinths and pedestals, it will be measured on the size, shape, colour, and any you’re looking for. For standard, here are some different types of plinths and pedestal designs to spotlight your products such as:

  • Pedestal Standard Event Promotion
  • Pedestal Standard Showcase
  • Pedestal Brand Activation
  • Pedestal Standard Event Display
  • Pedestal Standard Black and White
  • Pedestals Standard Exhibition Display
  • Retail Displays

A retail display will make your product get the attention of the customers. Most businesses know the ability in-store marketing. In retail displays, it can reflect your brand’s value, and focus on your products. However, here are some illustrations to make it more captivating in your retail, such as:

  • Retail Display of Restaurant Lantern
  • Retail Displays with Christmas Boxes
  • Retail Displays Week Display Modern Times and much more.
  • Event Props

These eye-catching event props will promote your social events or occasions to lift your product with the audience. They can help with your event by using their subtle plinth, or any props to capture the hearts and minds of your customers. However, here are some ideas or designs to make your event a unique environment to make people reach out for your product, such as the following:

  • Hanging Feature
  • Room Dividers
  • Event Props Brand Activation
  • Public Event Props
  • Artwork Frame

What do they specialise in custom furniture?

Custom furniture is a good investment that you will enjoy. You can get custom-made unique furniture for your home, event, and office. Here are some designs that can make your display durable furniture, such as the following:

  • Timber Strands
  • Mirror Strands
  • Timber Tables


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