All You Need to Know Before Registering Your Company in BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has been linked to establishing offshore companies for the past thirty years. Here are some things to consider if you want to register your business in the bvi company incorporation.

Minimum Setup Requirements for BVI Company Registration Companies, also known as International Business Companies (IBCs), must meet the following incorporation requirements:

Shareholder,Company Secretary, Director: One person may be appointed to the roles above.

The directors and stockholders are not legally obliged to be of any country. IBCs are simple to incorporate into the BVI.

The BVI is a popular location for offshore businesses since it has no minimum capital requirements, no income tax, no necessity for yearly reporting or auditing, and no capital gains or withholding taxes. However, offshore businesses are entirely prohibited from operating in the BVI.

The shareholders, directors, and company secretary are exempt from the requirement for residency.

bvi company incorporation

Timeframe for registering

Although there is no set time frame, the incorporation procedure is simple. You’ll find it to be a straightforward approach as long as the documentation is ready. The steps for establishing a company in the British Virgin Islands are as follows:

  • Reserve your company name
  • Select a Registered Agent
  • Open a bank account
  • Submit all necessary paperwork.


As previously noted, companies are not legally obligated to create or file any financial statements, annual returns, or records. However, the business should maintain financial records of crucial financial data in case a circumstance arises where it will be necessary to produce financial records as proof.

Such documents are not required to be retained in the BVI and won’t be visible on public forums.

Corporate Tax Obligations

In the BVI, only a few taxes must be paidthe payroll tax, real property tax, and stamp duty tax.

To BVI or not to BVI?

The BVI is a viable and popular jurisdiction worth considering for offshore company formation and passive business activities or investment holding purposes due to its ease of setup, territorial tax system, and various structures.

A BVI corporation is a realistic option to explore as it is a recognized legal entity if you’re seeking a straightforward firm to hold your assets instead of keeping them in your name. Other, more established jurisdictions, like Singapore, may be the better option if you need a registered and controlled structure in a reputable country for trade purposes.

A BVI Trust is one of the premier trust entities in the international market from a trust standpoint. They have been tested in the BVI Courts and found to be a reliable tool for asset protection and preserving family wealth. Additionally, the legislation is frequently examined to ensure it is still relevant.


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