Get a system; work easy not hard.

We have mixed feelings about our jobs, there are days that we go into our office so energetically and then there are also days where we just don’t want to work at all and want to be done for but we have no option but to go in and carry out our daily responsibilities. Although there is a way to make your work easier rather than it being tiresome till the point that you want to quit, with the new all in one hr software life and work have become so much better, as you can now manage everything from within a single system and you don’t have to go here and there just to complete one simple task. With this new system, there are certain benefits that follows with it such as you can hire, onboard, manage, and pay employees in Indonesia with one easy-to-use software.

all in one hr software

We all know that hiring people is so tedious as you have to sit through multiple interviews and ask the same questions to one person after the other and then after that you have to select the best out of them all, and the worst part is it doesn’t just end here as you have to do your own job as well after that so by the end of the day, you are super tired but with this new type of software the additional responsibility of conducting interviews is taken off your hands and you are able to fully focus on your main job.

Things you can do with this new software.

  • You can conduct multiple interviews like I have mentioned above.
  • You can manage job postings online and mention the various skills that are required based on the job offer that you are posting. You are even able to review various applications and resumes online and then the one which matches your companies profile can be called in for an official interview whereas the others can get declined right then and there.
  • You can run performance based reviews based on the amount of work the already employed people are putting in and then based on those the company can give out bonuses as well which would make the employees motivated to keep on working.
  • You can also track the performance of everyone as well as track the amount of leave that specific people have taken in a particular month.
  • The best part and the most important part is that the system software is also able to decide people’s payroll based on all the tracking that it does on individual employees, those who have put in more hours of work also get bonuses as a means of their hard work.


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